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Audio description, Closed Captions, and SDH

  • In order for blind, deaf or heard of hearing audiences to access audiovisual media, it is necessary to create a barrier-free versions: audio description (AD) for blind and visually impaired people and subtitles for those who are deaf or heard of hearing (SDH).
  • We create accessible versions for films and series according to the guidelines of the German Filmförderungsanstalt (FFA).
  • We deliver the files in the correct format for DCP, apps or home-entertainment formats (TV, DVD, BD.)
  • We are also able to roll out files for the app GRETA by Greta & Starks , which will enable you to deliver audio descriptions or subtitles to any movie theater and make your film accessible for everyone very simply on the viewer’s smartphone. This is the movies for everyone..
  • There is always a blind author involved in the production of our scripts and in the voice recording and quality control. Thus, we are able to meet the highest standards of accessibility.
  • Your project is supervised by one project manager to make sure that you will always have only one contact person that is responsible for your individual project.
  • The audio description is recorded in our own studio, which enables us to supervise the entire process closely and to guarantee quality results.
  • Do not hesitate to request our packages for accessibility and foreign language subtitle translations.

Subtitles and Translation

Besides accessibility, we also offer translating subtitles for foreign language productions to and from almost any language. 

  • Across all industries, subtitles are growing to be a more and more important communication tool and the possibilities for their implementation are not restricted to the home video market. Thus, our roster of customers is far more diverse than just the entertainment industry, film companies, film festivals or TV companies and also spans quite a diverse range of non-media customers.
  • One of the central implementations for subtitles in the entertainment industry remains with film and series productions. Films are usually being released simultaneously across the globe and the content mass of the major streaming platforms is growing at an accelerated rate, with a constantly increased number of viewers. Subtitles are thus becoming increasingly important for the ever-growing number of localized national and international markets. But subtitles are also becoming a more and more important tool for the internal and external communication of globally acting companies and corporations. We can offer a manifold portfolio of customized solutions for any kind of visual material and target group in this segment, as well. You can trust in our years of experience and our competent team to overcome any language barrier that you might encounter in regard to your projects and products:
  • We can create any form of localized subtitling (OV with subtitles, any language is possible) or closed captions and SDH subtitles for hearing impaired or deaf target audience.
  • We follow established standards for subtitling and work with qualified and experienced native speakers for any language.
  • We will produce subtitles in any language for any given source language
  • Should you be planning to insert subtitles yourself, we will be happy to support you with our translations for our pool of translators, no matter if you need mor common languages such as English, French or Spanish or languages such as Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese or Japanese. 
  • Do you need to launch your corporate video in the Arab speaking world, or do you need digital signage for the Korean market, or do you intend to sharpen your brand for the Philippines? Simply reach out and we will find a solution for you. 
  • Each subtitling project will be run through several revisions and corrective loops.
  • We can deliver subtitles in any standard format (stl, xml, srt, png image packages, to name just a few.)
  • We are able to meet tight deadlines.

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