Encoding, Mastering, Authoring, Graphic Design
All audio and video formats for manufacturing, cinema and streaming

All audio and video formats for manufacturing, cinema and streaming

Your audiovisual sources are already in the desired form and you now wish to replicate them on CD, DVD and Blu-Ray or supply them to streaming platforms, TV or cinema? No problem – we will create menus, intertitles, motion graphics and animations and deliver the material in a format of your choice:

Digital Cinema Package (DCP creation with DVS Clipster, encrypted or unencrypted), DDP for DVD or CD, BDCMF for Blu-Ray and UHD Blu-Ray, or a file package for VoD- or streaming platforms. We can also aid you with formatting or the creation of artwork files for physical products.

Our services in detail:

  • Encoding: Video-Encoding: MPEG2, MPEG4, AVC,H.264, MXF and many more. Audio encoding: PCM, WAV, AIFF, Dolby Digital, DTS, DTS-HD Master Audio.

  • Authoring: Blu-Ray- and DVD-Authoring for standard products and complex projects, inclusion of interactive features (BD-live, ROM) and the creation of a concept that will match the target audience and content.

  • Audio Design: Matching frame rate and audio track with or without pitch correction and sound quality optimization by removing unwanted noise and/or artefacts from optical sound sources. We will always try to meet contemporary listening standards as well as platform or mastering standards.

  • Motion Graphic Design, Intertitles and VFX:
    Animation and inserts: We will reconstruct animated inserts in any other language for localization, even if we have no information on how the original inserts were created. As very often there will not be neutral material for said sequences, we will gladly work with you to find an elegant solution.

    Title design and font research: We will create main titles, episode titles, inserts, subtitles, as well as opening and closing credits for your project, either matching the original look or designing something completely from scratch. We can furthermore help you in with researching and advice in regard to fitting or matching font types. The original titles are animated? No problem – we will match your localized version so that you will not be able to tell the difference even with detailed and complex animated sequences.

    2D- and 3D-animation: You seek for something more than just flat font animation? Our VFX-artists will gladly advise you whether motion graphic 2D- or 3D-animation sequences would fit your TV and screen design.

    Menu design: We can not only program but also design the menus for DVD, Blu-Ray or other interactive media for you. This can match the packaging design or you can have our designers create something from scratch.

  • Mastering: DDP- or BDCMF- creation including all mandatory or optional copy protection setups and delivery on DVD-R, BD-R, hard drive or digital image.

  • Streaming and VoD Platforms: We create and deliver file packages for Netflix, Amazon, Disney Plus, Sky, etc. according to the platform’s specifications and requirements. Encoding, pre-mastering and final master: We will handle all necessary steps on the way to your desired end format.

  • Quality Control: All productions that we handle run through extensive quality control programs, assuring maximum compatibility and the highest possible standards. We can also offer this service for third party productions.

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