Eurotape Media Production

Your all-encompassing replication and media partner in Europe!

Eurotape ist Ihr Medienproduktions-Partner mit langjähriger Erfahrung und Qualitätsgarantie. Seit den frühen Achtzigerjahren zählt Eurotape zu den größten und profiliertesten, unabhängigen Spezialisten in Sachen Medienvervielfältigung, -Aufbereitung, –Produktion und -Logistik.

We manufacture more than 20 million DVDs, Blu-Ray-Discs, CDs, UHD-BDs and Vinyl records in our pressing plant every year and deliver them to our customers and logistics partners.

We have experience in assisting our customers in regard to master and print file handling and can offer an extensive range of media services via our in-house studio – be it film-scan and restoration, post production, format conversion, broadcast file creation, authoring, mastering, graphic design or multi-lingual subtitling, barrier-free audio description and SDH subtitles.

Why turn to multiple service providers when we can offer you full in-house handling of your entire media project development and replication chain, including the option for attractive package deals? Contact us!

Our services in brief:

  • Pressing Plant:DVD, Blu-Ray, CD, Vinyl and UHD-Blu-Ray replication services. Whether you are looking for a large replication run or a small limited edition, standard packaging or a lush deluxe box set, there are very few limits in regard to your production needs.
  • Digitalization:We can offer film scan with ARRISCAN XT Wetgate, film and audio restoration and remastering and conversion into any standard end format.
  • Post Production:We are specialists for format conversion, syncing subtitles and localization dubs and the creation of broadcast files for TV, streaming or cinema.
  • Graphic Design:We can edit and create artwork files, title cards, motion graphics, 2D- and 3D-animation.
  • Authoring and Mastering:We create replication-ready master images for DVD, Blu-Ray, UHD-BD and CDs from your source material.
  • Subtitles, SDH and Descriptive Audio:We create localized subtitles in any language, SDH subtitles for the deaf and the hard of hearing and descriptive audio tracks for blind people.
  • Logistics and eCommerce:We create custom-tailored web-shop, logistics and warehouse logistics solutions for your needs.

How can we help you?

Tell us what you are planning, our experienced customer support agents will quickly find a suitable solution for you.

Our history:

Eurotape was founded in Berlin in the early Eighties and quickly grew into one of the biggest plants for VHS replication for the international entertainment industry in Germany. In the wake of the growing digitalization of physical media, Eurotape evolved into one of the leading replication partners for the digital audio and video media in Germany, while simultaneously building up one of the most reputable media studios in the capital.
We are one of the few companies that can offer you an almost all-encompassing portfolio when it comes to audiovisual media services. At Eurotape, quality intertwines with experience. It is little wonder that we have decades-long business relations with many of our partners. Our studio is also a regular nominee for industry awards and was awarded the “Deutscher Hörfilmpreis” (German audio film prize) in 2019 for the descriptive audio version of “Der Hauptmann”.

From our roster of customers: